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Generic URL

For Hosted CanIT we provide a generic domain:


which can be used for MX records, as described by going to My Domains->My Domains and selecting the "Show Me the Generic MX Records" beneath our default MX records.

You can also use this URL as for the BaseURLs in Setup->Templates so that it will be used as the link to include in emails (eg. notifications, training links, etc.). There is further discussion of custom BaseURLs in the Login Page section below.

Customizing the interface

To customize your theme go to Setup->Theme Customization. This has easy click tools for adding a logo and changing the colour scheme. The custom CSS field will also allow you to customize the CSS of any element in the page. This is only recommended for those who are familiar with HTML and CSS but there are a few common tips below. If you wish to dig into this further it is recommended that you use the page inspection tools available from the context menus of browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome to test your edits before writing them to the Custom CSS box.

To turn off the footer banner:

All base themes include a reference to Roaring Penguin and CanIt, including the version number and a link to our website. If you would like to remove our labeling completely, you can hide this element with the following CSS:

   #footer_powered { display: none; }

To disable users ability to change themes:

Your theme customization settings only apply to the base theme that you are viewing when the customization is created. You can change between base themes using the drop-down box at the bottom of each page. The default base theme on Hosted is RP-Web. This can be customized for onsite implementations by editing the config.php file.

Having that box visible means that a normal user can easily change to a new base theme which will not have you branding. If you would like to remove their ability to do so, you can hide that box with the following CSS:

   form.theme-selection { display: none; }

If you decide to make your customizations for a base theme that is not the default, you will have to manually make changes to the database so that all users of that realm will use the non-default base theme, otherwise they will never see your customization unless the manually changed to it with the same drop-down box. Also note that if you are going to use a non-default base theme but would like to bring your theme to the login page (as below), you will have to write a second customization using the default base theme because the login page will only ever use that theme.

After having added the above CSS even administrators will lose access to the theme changer. You can ignore all of your theme customization by appending 'disable_theme_customization=1' to any URL. The page inspection tools in Firefox and Chrome will also let you override CSS, so you could also disable hiding of the element that way.

To display your logo on login page:

For on-site appliances, the base theme that is used for the login page is defined by the default set in the config.php file. CanIt-PRO installations will automatically use the customizations that have been set for that base theme. For CanIt-Domain-PRO systems, the login page will use the customizations set from the 'base' realm.

For users of Hosted CanIt or for an individual realm in CanIt-Domain-PRO, login page branding can be set up for a specific realm as well. This can be done by going to Setup->Templates and setting the base URL to use '?rlm=example-org' where 'example-org' is the name of the realm where the customization has been defined. Sub-realms will inherit the settings from parents meaning that they will also use the parent's branding unless this is changed more specifically in their realm. This is useful if the in the case of a reseller-client setup. The full Base URL should look like:

   https://emailfilteringservice.net/canit?rlm=example-org or

For Hosted CanIt users, it should be noted that this link will always use the customizations set up for the RP-Web base theme. If you have your customizations set up for a different base theme, they will be ignored because the base theme that is shown is tied to the user login session which has yet to be established. CanIt-Domain-PRO users, while having the ability to set a different base theme to use globally, still do not have this control the base theme of the login page on a per-realm basis. You can define a second set of customizations for the default base theme to ensure that you have the necessary branding changes at login time.