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CanIt will run in popular VM environment and we have many clients doing so. However there are some issue you should keep in mind.

  • We often see issues with database corruption for virtualized machines, especially those in VMWare, so be sure to keep reliable backups. Aside from that, VMWare generally out-performs most other hosts, especially Windows Virtual PC (that environment is generally not recommended).
  • With real hardware it's hard to deploy an under-powered machine. Even today's less expensive machines tend to be at least dual-core CPU with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and a half-terabyte drive. In deploying a VM you just need to be careful that you do not under provision out of a sense of false economy.
  • When real hardware gets heavily loaded, it tends to progressively slow down. On the other hand when VMs get heavily loaded, they tend to reach an indeterminate limit and then stall. (Regardless of which approach you take you should always ensure CanIt environment has the resource need to handle the peak loads you expect or you will have unhappy clients.)
  • We of course fully support CanIt functionality in a VM environment. However there is a small caveat in our ability to provide technical support for performance related issues because of the extra layer of complexity and the variety of VM environments.