TLS Problems

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We've found that Debian 7's version of OpenSSL has problems interoperating with some other SSL implementations. Here are some things you can try:

1) Add this to the end of /etc/mail/

  dnl # Do not allow SSLv2 and weak ciphers
  O CipherList=HIGH:MEDIUM:!ADH:!MD5:!SSLv2
  O ClientSSLOptions=+SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1

After you add the above lines, type: make -C /etc/mail && /etc/init.d/sendmail reload

2) If that doesn't help, you have to disable TLS with the machine Put this lines in /etc/mail/access:	  NO

and again: make -C /etc/mail

3) If that still does not work, you may have to disable STARTTLS for now by removing include(`/etc/mail/tls/starttls.m4')dnl from and running make -C /etc/mail && /etc/init.d/sendmail reload