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Roaring Penguin offers 30-day trial accounts on our Hosted CanIt service for as many domains and services as you wish to test with. These accounts are production accounts with all of the features and support that come with a paid account. Part of this support includes a hands-on setup call with one of our technicians to get you right up to the point where you just need to change over the MX Records.

Scheduling a Demo

If you haven't participated in a Webinar walk-through of the product yet then it may be worth while to schedule this first. This will introduce you to a lot of the key features of the service so that you won't have as many questions during the setup phase.

If you submit a price quote you will hear back from a sales representative quickly who will be able to schedule something at your convenience.

Otherwise you can reach them directly:

 Tel. +1 800 210-0984

Your sales representative will be happy to schedule you in for a setup call. Otherwise you can also call support directly at your convenience from the same number using extension 3.

Setup Prep

In the interest of eliminating possible roadblocks during the setup process there are a number of steps that you can complete before the call.

Manage your Firewall

If you fill out the form below and we are unable to connect to the defined mail server then it will throw an error. It's best to preempt that by making sure that we can connect to it on Port 25 from our IP ranges. At the time of writing these are:   or   or   or

An up-to-date list is always available from the My Domains->My Domains page in the WebUI. We will try to keep this page updated, but you may wish to check there anyways.

Port 25 is the only *required* port. However, if you wish to use LDAP/Active Directory integration we will also need to be able to connect to that via 389 or 636 (LDAPS).

Fill out the Request Form

It is convenient if you request your account before the call.

The number of mailboxes does not need to be accurate, it is primarily for price quotes if you haven't yet been in touch with the sales representative. You are not held to that number.

If you are going to be reselling the service to end-users then we would ask that you fill it out for your domain regardless of whether that is the domain you will be using the demo with. This will be discussed at the start of the call and we will convert your account into a 'container' account that will treat your organization and any others you add as sub-accounts (AKA sub-realms). This way, if you do filter for your own domain then the rules you create there will not be inherited by your clients. If you do want to make global changes they can be made from the container level. Don't worry about understanding this paragraph, it will be explained during the call.

If you are NOT going to be filtering for your own domain and your mail server is currently inaccessible to us (or if you just don't want to tell us what where it is), you can trick the form by saying that it's IP is "". This causes the provisioning system to throw in placeholder values which will not work if you do decide to use us for filtering, so you will probably want to contact support to walk through the setup of your own domain at that time.

"Does Not Reject Invalid Recipients" Error

You may see this error after submitting the form. It indicates that if we try to send mail to your mail server for an obviously fake address, it will not reject it immediately as expected. We generate user accounts automatically and this method, called a "Verification Server" is the default method for doing it.

If you are going to be using LDAP/Active Directory then you can ignore this. When we set up LDAP/Active Directory during the call we will remove the assumed Verification Server entry that is generating the error.

LDAP/Active Directory setup as well as the various other ways to resolve this error are discussed it our article on recipient verification.

Prepare any data you want Imported

We are happy to try to bulk import any settings you might want. Most obviously this would be things like Whitelists and Blacklists, as well as aliases (for domains without LDAP/Active Directory). If you can provide these in a somewhat sensible plain-text format such as a CSV we will be able to import them in bulk.

We do not import existing archive data.