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Removing Archiver:

The archiver ships with a tool to uninstall the archiver components and remove the archiving tables from the database.

First, you need to be on version 8.0.6 or later, so if you're not, please run "upgrade-canit-appliance".

Then run:


and follow the prompts.

That will completely remove all the archiver modules and reset the database schema to what it was without the archiver.

Remove Ticker Messages:

Running the above command will generate messages which can be deleted from the database by:

   /usr/share/canit/scripts/canit-run-pg psql -c "DELETE FROM ticker WHERE task = 'IndexArchivedMail'"
   /usr/share/canit/scripts/canit-run-pg psql -c "DELETE FROM cluster_sanity_check WHERE NOT test_ok"
   /usr/share/canit/scripts/canit-run-pg psql -c "delete from ticker where task = 'ArchiveProcessZipRequests';"

Delete All Archived Nail:

   rm -rf /var/lib/canit/mail-archive