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What is an RBL

An RBL or Real-time Blacklist is an antispam mechanism consisting of a list of IP addresses or hostnames that are known spam sources. These senders will be treated with a varying degree of strictness based on type of list they are on as well as the individual preferences of domain administrators.

Typically a sender's presence on this list ins not enough to quarantine or reject messages on it's own, but will add to the level of confidence that is provided by other tests. CanIt users can override our default scores for existing RBLs by using Rules->RBL Rules in the WebUI.

There are many RBL sources available across the internet, both free and commercial.

Roaring Penguin RBLs

CanIt users have access to several different lists that are populated by the activity of our users and curated by our staff. You can find a description of these different lists here.

For more information on our RBLs, including how to request removal from our lists, see this page.

RP RBL Search

If you are are trying to find out whether or not a certain IP address or hostname is currently listed on any of Roaring Penguin's RBLs we have a tool that will allow you to search our current lists. Note that these lists are constantly changing and so an address's status at the time of your check may not reflect it's status at the time a message comes in. For CanIt admins, the Administration->Search Logs tool will allow you to find out more information an why a message was blocked.

External RBLs

Users can also add their own external RBLs if they choose as described here.