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The following is a brief description of what CanIt is and contains links to the rest of the Quick Start Guide for CanIt End-Users.

Please Note

The options within this guide may or not apply to you, depending on your version of CanIt and how it has been set up by the e-mail administrator. If you can't find something as described but think that you need it, consult your administrator; there may be a reason that you don't have it.

What is CanIt?

CanIt is a powerful Anti-Spam and E-mail Filtering software product that is produced and supported by Roaring Penguin Software.

The primary function of CanIt is to scan incoming e-mail for spam and other malicious content, aiming to keep it from reaching you, the user. CanIt is very successful at this and on a properly configured system it blocks more than 99% of spam, with a false-positive rate of less than 0.01%.

Your organization may also be using CanIt to scan outbound mail to ensure that you are not propagating spam against your will or sending out certain confidential information. You may also have long-term email archiving available to you through CanIt to ensure that your emails will remain intact and accessible even if your local mail systems fail.

How Does CanIt Work?

Sub-article: How Does CanIt Work?

This sub-article discusses the processes by which CanIt does its job.

User Essentials

Sub-article: CanIt User Essentials

This sub-article discusses how you as an end-user will interact with CanIt.

Okay, But How Do I Do ___?

Sub-article: Common CanIt User Tasks

This sub-article discusses frequent tasks that a CanIt end user might want to accomplish.

I have noticed a problem, what should I do?

Sub-article: Common CanIt User Problems

This sub-article discusses some common problems that end-users might have and possible ways to resolve them.

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