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To check this out you will need to be an administrator user.

  • - Using the webui, in the default stream, go to the "Administration" then "Permissions" page. (You can access help on this page's contents by clicking "(Online Documentation)" on the upper right of the interface or see Chapter 9 of the "CanIt-Domain-PRO Administration Guide".)
  • - If you have the pseudo user * or your specific user listed then under the column heading "Stream Permissions" select "Edit" (check both users if you have them).
  • - On the "Stream Permissions for User page" which comes up if you have a column labeled "@@WRITABLE" then on the list on the left, toward the bottom click on "-Miscellaneous".
  • - In the middle of the list that comes up is the item " Adjust Notification Settings". If the corresponding box in the "@@WRITABLE" is not checked then permission for the user are not enabled.
  • - Check box and click "Submit Changes" to enable.

FYI, the @@Readable column for permissions is where you enable a users right to view the particular setting.