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This is what we set on our Hosted service for outbound scanning:

  • - Skip RBL Lookups (srl)
  • - Skip Greylisting (sg)
  • - Skip SPF Checks (ssc)
  • - Omit from Dictionary Attack Detection (oda)
  • - Don't Tempfail Incidents (dti)
  • - Allow Relaying (ar)

and of course appropriate rate limit settings (see the admin guide).

If you are on Hosted CanIt, after Roaring Penguin has configured CanIt setting you may need to do one or more of the following to integrate it into your email envionment.

(If you are on hosted CanIt and your IP address has changed, *DO NOT* follow the instructions below. Instead, please re-request outbound filtering at https://antispam.roaringpenguin.com/canit/hosted-outbound-request.php)

  • - If your server can route mail to an MX record, configure it to route outbound mail to:
  • - If your server can only route mail to actual hostnames, and it can handle more than one host, have it route in this order:
    outbound1.canit.ca (preferred)
    outbound2.canit.ca (less preferred)
  • - If your mail server can only handle one smarthost, then use:
  • - If you wish to publish an SPF record for the outbound domain, it should be:
    "v=spf1 include:spf.outbound.canit.ca"