Outbound Configuration

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CanIt handles scanning of outbound email via streams the same as inbound. To enable it for an on-premise implementation of CanIt.

  • - Select Setup->Known Networks to get to the page where the outbound stream will be set. At this point it would be good to check the context sensitive online help, the button in the upper right.)
  • - Enter IP for outbound server.
  • - Select scanning options (see help). We usually check srl, sg, ssc, oda and dti since the source server is know and we can forgo verifying it. (Either hovering over the acronym or selecting (Full Headings) will show what the headers are, the help explains them)
  • - Also select ar (allow relaying).
  • - Set rate limiting if needed. see help
  • - Specify the realm:stream to handle the outbound traffic from this server.
  • - Add a comment to clarify what has been done.
  • - Repeat for IPs of all outbound servers. (Same stream can be used if required.)