Options for Recipient Verification

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Verification Server:

If Hosted CanIt acts as a filtering server that always forwards mail on to other machines, you can have it check recipient addresses against other machines. The internal machine that verifies recipient addresses is called a Verification Server.

A verification server for a domain is setup using Setup->Verification Servers.

Active Directory/LDAP:

Active Directory (AD)/LDAP can be integrated with CanIt to perform recipient verification, streaming and user authentication. This is done through the Setup->User Lookups page.

If you only want the AD/LDAP lookup to check for the existence of an email address, but not to set the stream name, then when you create the user-lookup, set the "List of attributes to use for stream name:" to some nonexistent attribute and set "Action if stream attribute missing:" to "Use email address (AsIs)"

We have a training video on AD/LDAP lookups: http://www.roaringpenguin.com/resources/videos-ts/configuring-ldapad

User Lookup Program Verification

With the Program User Lookup method, Hosted CanIt invokes an external program to verify/authenticate users and map addresses to streams. If you select Program as your User Lookup type, the Program User Lookup Wizard appears.

Valid Recipients List:

Recipient verification can be done through the Valid Recipients table.

  • First, go to the Rules->Valid Recipients page in the default Stream and enter the list of valid email addresses.
  • Second, on the Preferences->Quarantine Settings page under heading Sender/Recipient Settings set the item "S-700 Only accept mail for accounts in the Valid Recipients table to Yes.