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In a situation where you have a small number of addresses you wish to opt-in for email filtering use the process below.

  1. Create an OptOut stream and opt it out:
  a. In the webui go to Administration->Opt Others In/Out.
  b. Enter the name OptOut in the Stream box.
  c. Clearing the Opted-In? checkmark.
  d. Click Submit Changes.
  1. To set the default for streams to opt-out:
  a. In the webui go to Setup->Address-to-Stream Mappings:
  b. Enter * (the asterisk character) for the Address and OptOut for Mapping.
  c. Click Submit Changes.
  1. For people you want opted-in for filtering:
  a. In the webui go to Setup->Address-to-Stream Mappings.
  b. For the out-in email enter the address in the Address box and set the Mapping to the stream value you want.
  c. Click Submit Changes.
  d. Repeat above for each email address to be opted-in for filtering.
  1. In the webui go to Setup->Domain Mappings and set the mapping for the domain to "Database".

Now, only the filtered addresses get their own streams. Everyone not explicitly listed under Address-to-Stream Mappings goes into the unfiltered OptOut stream.