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Some administrators will wish to have a small number of addresses opted-in for email filtering with the default setting to be opt-out.

If you are using an on-premise appliance, please see section 5.6 for CanIt-Pro or 6.6 for CanIt-Domain-Pro in the Administration Guide for instruction on how to do this.

For Hosted CanIt do the following:

  1. Create a special stream:
    1. In the WebUI go to Administration->Special Streams.
    2. Enter your preferred name (We will be using OptOut for this example).
    3. Submit the changes.
  2. Set all streams to inherit from the OptOut stream:
    1. In the WebUI go to Administration->Inheritance.
    2. Make an entry for * (the asterisk character) which inherits from OptOut.
    3. If there are any streams that you want opted in initially, create an entry for each that inherit from default.
  3. Change the default behaviour to Opt-Out:
    1. Change to the OptOut stream with the "Change Streams" link at the top.
    2. Navigate to Preferences->Opt In/Out.
    3. Change the behaviour to Opt-Out.

In the future, when you wish to opt more users in, you will need to create an entry for them in Administration->Inheritance which points to default.