Notification Setup

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To set up notifications:

  1. As an admin in the webui go to Preferences->Notification. (To effect all streams in a realm change should be done in the default stream. To effect a single stream navigate to the stream in question first.)
  2. Under Basic settings:
    • - Set the notification type, select HTML with links if you want links added to the email so that the user will be able to accept or reject quarantined messages right from the email.
    1. If you want the notification sent to the email address of the quarantine set "Automatically populate pending notification addresses:" to Yes.
    • - If you want to specify the email address the notification is to be sent to enter it in the box. (This would need to be done in each stream individually)
    • - Use other settings are required.
  • Under Notification Times select the time(s) of day you want the notification emails to go out. Times are EST so you may need to keep this in mind if you are in another time zone. (If no times are selected notifications will not be sent.)
  • Under Notification Days select the days of the week you want notifications to be sent out.

If you have questions you can get context sensitive help by clicking on the (Online Documentation) link on the upper right of the webui.