Install Non-RP Packages

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Just add a standard Debian repository to:


For example:

  deb <version> main contrib non-free

How to find your <version> codename Next, refresh the list of available packages via:

  apt-get update

You want to add the specific packages ONLY via apt-get so, to verify it doesn't add anything that might clobber CanIt, you can do this first:

  apt-get -s install package1 package2

Which just simulates the install so you can see what would be done, and then, for real:

  apt-get install package1 package2

If you don't just add the packages needed, their versions of some packages conflict with ours. (Sendmail is a prime example - theirs doesn't know about MIMEDefang...)

Once the packages are installed, re-edit /etc/apt/sources.list to comment out the Debian repository, then refresh the package list again via:

  apt-get update