Guidelines to Outbound Settings

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As a guideline the following settings from Roaring Penguins implementation of Hosted CanIt are provided for your consideration.

Following are setting for the Setup->Known Networks parameters:

  • Skip RBL Lookups (srl)
  • Skip Greylisting (sg)
  • Skip SPF Checks (ssc)
  • Omit from Dictionary Attack Detection (oda)
  • Allow Relaying (ar)

In addition you should set appropriate rate limit settings (see the Admin Guide). Hosted CanIt uses:

	rate-limit 	ip-rate-limit
	  -250		   -1000

Then, use Force to Stream to have outbound mail go to a specific stream that can have different parameters than those used for incoming messages.

We have the outbound stream's Preferences->Quarantine Settings values:

  • S-300 Spam threshold 10
  • S-950 Automatically populate pending notification addresses No
  • S-1600 Tempfail unknown senders on first transmission No
  • S-2500 Add links to messages to train Bayesian analyzer No
  • S-2600 Add training links to messages even if whitelisted No
  • S-2700 Add training links in message headers No
  • S-2800 Remove pre-existing Bayesian links from incoming mail Yes
  • S-3200 Permit unauthenticated voting No