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<Hostname> FAILED TickerTaskUpdatexxxx <> Task has not run since yyyy


This is typically the result of the canitd update task having stalled. To test, on the command line enter:

  ps aux | grep canitd

A response line something like the following will usually indicate the stalled process:

  1280 defang    20   0  168m  26m 4328 R 100.3  0.7   6241:12 canitd: GetUpdate

To resolve, restart CanIt and then manually scheduled an RPTN update and everything seems to be fine going forward.

To restart Canit from the command line enter:

   /etc/init.d/canit-system restart

Then to schedule tasks:

   /usr/share/canit/scripts/ NameOfTask

where NameOfTask is one of the below.

  • UpdateDNSBLPrefix
  • UpdateFromRPTN
  • UpdateGeo
  • UpdatePhishingLinks
  • UpdatePhishingList
  • UpdateRulesets

The rest will run as regularly scheduled and you should not see any more warnings.