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<Hostname> FAILED TickerTaskUpdatexxxx <> Task has not run since yyyy


This is typically the result of the canitd update task having stalled. To test, on the command line enter:

  ps aux | grep canitd

A response line something like the following will usually indicate the stalled process:

  1280 defang    20   0  168m  26m 4328 R 100.3  0.7   6241:12 canitd: GetUpdate

To resolve, restart CanIt and then manually scheduled an RPTN update and everything seems to be fine going forward.

To restart Canit from the command line enter:

   /etc/init.d/canit-system restart

Then to schedule tasks:

   /usr/share/canit/scripts/ NameOfTask

where NameOfTask is one of the below without the prefix TickerTask.

  1. TickerTaskUpdateDNSBLPrefix
  2. TickerTaskUpdateFromRPTN
  3. TickerTaskUpdateGeo
  4. TickerTaskUpdatePhishingLinks
  5. TickerTaskUpdatePhishingList
  6. TickerTaskUpdateRulesets

The rest will run as regularly scheduled and you should not see any more warnings.