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> Could you tell us how to change the gui to simplified gui for users? > The users should not be able to change it back to expert again.

  1. Change into the realm whose users you wish to use the simplified GUI.
  2. Go to "Preferences"
  3. Enter * (a single asterisk) in the "Changing preferences for user" box and click Switch User.

$Set P-10000 Use simplified GUI to "Yes"

  1. Go to Administration : Permissions
  2. Edit the entry for * (or enter * in the User box to create one). Click on the "Edit" link under "User Permissions" and then turn off the permission "Use Expert Interface"

You might need a step 7 in which you give expert interface permission back to realm administrators; follow step 6 but use *root* instead of * in the user box and turn on the permission instead of turning it off.