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  • - In the webui, as an administrator navigate to the realm that will contain the new domain.
  • - Go to the My Domains->Request Additional Domain page.
  • - Fill in the form completely.

The last question is very important. If you would like the domain to use the same realm (this is required for alias domains), you will need to set "Subrealm Required?" to "No, use current realm".

If, on the other hand, you would prefer to have the new domain in a sub-realm you will need to set it to "Yes, Make a New Sub-Realm". This option will allow you to create default rules and settings that apply to that domain only, as well inheriting the settings from the realm that you are currently viewing. This will, by definition create new streams for the users and so you cannot use this method for alias domains.

  • - Click Submit Request.

We will review the information you provided and will send a confirmation message. If you created a new sub-realm, we will also provide you with a set of admin credentials that you can provide to a trusted user within the domain, if you so choose. This will give them root access to that realm without being able to see any of your other realms.