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Adding domain to a realm in Domain PRO

  • As a CanIt user with admin privileges for the realm, change to the realm the domain is to be added to.
  • Add the Setup->Realm Mappings to link domain names to this Realm.
  • Add the Setup->Domain Routing, so CanIt knows where real mail goes to.
  • If using a directory for recipient verification/stream or user authentication - LDAP(Active Directory), POP3 or IMAP - create the Setup->User Lookups that will be use. You may have more than one user lookup in the realm depending on how it will be used.
  • Setup one of the followng three options to allow CanIt to do recipient verificantion (Definitions and options covered in more detail Click here)
    • If you are going to validate email address against your email server then create a Setup->Verification Server entry for each domain which points to the hostname of IP address of the server.
    • Or, if you are going to use AD/LDAP directory for validation
    • Or, as a finally option, create and enable a Rules->Valid Recipients table.
  • Add Setup->Domain Mapping for the domain to define the method to be used for streaming email addresses through its quarantine/stream.
  • Point the MX records to the CanIt machine for the domain.