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Deleting one or more messages from the queue isn't a very user-friendly way to do it but it is possible.

  • You will first need the Sendmail queueID of the message. This is the:
    • First column that the mailq command gives. Or,
    • In the CanIt web interface it's the Queue ID column in the intial Search Log results. Or,
    • In CanIt's web interface it's the first column where queued items are shown.
  • Next get a root shell on the server where the mail is queued, and go to /var/spool/mqueue or /var/spool/mqueue-client if the message is in the clientmqueue (more likely it is in the former, though).
  • Here there will be pairs files of the form: qf<queuID> and df<queueID>. Remove them both for your queue id, so if the queueID is s4REBwPJ013078 then do:
  rm dfs4REBwPJ013078; rm qfs4REBwPJ013078

The df- file contains the actual message data and the qf- file contains queue information for Sendmail.