Debian Upgrades

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Upgrades to Debian MUST be done one version at a time!

You can find your current version with the command:

 cat /etc/debian_version

Supported Versions

We currently provide packages for versions:

 5.x Lenny   (CanIt packages discontinued as of 10.1.4; Debian support ended February 2012)
 6.x Squeeze (CanIt packages still available; Debian support ended February 2016)
 7.x Wheezy  (CanIt packages still available; Debian support ended May 2018)
 8.x Jessie  (CanIt packages still available; Debian support ending TBD)
 9.x Stretch (Current stable CanIt appliance ISOs and CanIt packages; Debian support ending TBD)

Distribution Upgrade Instructions

Our ISO installations provide a unified upgrade command which can be provided the target version codename in order to initiate a distribution upgrade. That said, each version change has specific extra steps to consider, such as upgrading the database and fixing problems caused by the upgrade.

The instructions for each are provided below:

Upgrade to Squeeze

Upgrade to Wheezy

Upgrade to Jessie

Upgrade to Stretch

Migrating to a new appliance

If you need to upgrade multiple versions it can actually be faster and safer to simply build a new appliance with our current ISO then follow the migration instructions as documented in Chapter E.5 of the Administration Guide.