Databaseless Operation

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Minimal Scanning

You can enable a databaseless scanning mode by editing /etc/mail/canit/canit.conf on all your scanners and adding these lines:

        database_down_action = minimalfilter
        database_down_tag_score = 5
        database_down_reject_score = 20

This will run a minimal tag-only SpamAssassin filter while the database is down, tagging at 5 points and rejecting at 20.

No Scanning

If you would prefer to have messages delivered <shudder> unscanned in this case, add or edit the database_down_action configuration option to contain accept (for example, database_down_action = accept). In this case, all mail will have a header like this added:

    X-Scan-Warning: NOT SCANNED BY CANIT

You need to restart CanIt on each scanner for the changes to the file to take effect in either case.

    /etc/init.d/canit-system restart