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Converting a Stock Debian Installation to a CanIt Appliance

Some virtual environments such as Xen, LXC, or Amazon's AWS make it hard or impossible to install from an ISO image. For those environments, you can install a stock Debian system and then convert it to a CanIt appliance.

To create an appliance from stock Debian, follow these steps:

Initial Installation

Install a minimal Debian image. The current stable version of Debian supported by CanIt at the time of writing is Stretch (version 9.x). See the supported versions from the Debian Upgrades wiki for more information on all usable releases (that article is more likely to kept up-to-date than this one). Use the codename for whichever version you install in place of <version> in the instructions below (all lowercase).

Adjust sources.list

Edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list to contain only the following line:

If you are installing CanIt-PRO:

deb <version> main canit canit-pro

If you are installing CanIt-Domain-PRO:

deb <version> main canit canit-pro canit-domain-pro

In both cases, name is your RPTN download username and pass is the corresponding password.

Perform Installation

First, make sure the aptitude command is installed by running:

apt-get update ; apt-get install aptitude

If you are installing CanIt-PRO, run the following command:

aptitude install canit-pro-distro canit-log-correlator

If you are installing CanIt-Domain-PRO, run the following command:

aptitude install canit-domain-pro-distro canit-log-correlator

If aptitude asks for an opinion about the installation, accept the first set of options it presents.