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Converting a Stock Debian Installation to a CanIt Appliance

Some virtual environments such as Xen or LXC make it hard or impossible to install from an ISO image. For those environments, you can install a stock Debian system and then convert it to a CanIt appliance.

To create an appliance from stock Debian, follow these steps:

Initial Installation

Install a minimal Debian Jessie image (Debian version 8.)

Adjust sources.list

Edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list to contain only the following line:

If you are installing CanIt-PRO:

deb jessie main canit canit-pro

If you are installing CanIt-Domain-PRO:

deb jessie main canit canit-pro canit-domain-pro

In both cases, name is your RPTN download username and pass is the corresponding password.

Perform Installation

First, make sure the aptitude command is installed by running:

apt-get update ; apt-get install aptitude

If you are installing CanIt-PRO, run the following command:

aptitude install canit-pro-distro canit-log-correlator

If you are installing CanIt-Domain-PRO, run the following command:

aptitude install canit-domain-pro-distro canit-log-correlator

If aptitude asks for an opinion about the installation, accept the first set of options it presents.