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What is an RBL?

For an explanation of what RBL's do click here.

Inbound Reputation Checks

Roaring Penguin maintains it's own RBLs which are made available with a valid product license. These will be used to check the reputation of machines trying to make inbound connections. If you think that a sender is being blocked by one of our RBLs, you can use the following tool to check if they are listed.

  Reputation Checker

Outbound Reputation Checks

Non-RP machines may use any number of a wide variety of free and commercial RBLs. It is possible that your own mail server or appliance not using us for Hosted Outbound, or the Hosted CanIt outbound machines will get listed on one or more of these. The record for our outbound machines has been extremely clean thus far, but it is possible that we could be blocked by a less judicious organization or due to a hiccup in our filtering, so it is worth checking to see if we are listed by any of the major providers. If you have your own appliance or if you don't use CanIt for outbound filtering you may also land on one of these lists and it will be your responsibility to get yourself de-listed. You can use this tool to check the most commonly used RBLs for your own reputation.