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The $Config variable in the CanIt software is a large array holding the settings for a wide variety of CanIt configurations. It can be used to control CanIt's default behaviour. To access it you need to create the file:


If it does not already exist. In the file if not already there you need to add:

  global $Config;
  $Config['>>config_item<<'] = '>>config_value<<';


  • where $Config['>>config_item<<'] = '>>config_value<<'; will be specific to the configuration you are changing (multiple entries allowed), and
  • There's no whitespace before <?php or after ?>.

You can add as many $Config['>>config_item<<'] = '>>config_value<<'; as you have. Some useful examples are:

  • $Config['HideStreamSwitchingForm'] = 1; // Hide default settings
  • $Config['DefaultRealm'] = 'example-com'; // Set default login realm