Adding Accessible Streams

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It is sometimes necessary to give a non-administrator user access to stream(s) other than their own, for example, to allow them to monitor the stream of a distribution group.

  1. If the user already exists in CanIt under Administration->Users go to setp 5).
  2. If it does not exist here, or you are using a user lookup - AD/LDAP, POP3 or IMAP - for Setup->Authentication Mappings to allow user log in then use Add New User on the Administration->Users page of the webui.
  3. Enter the login user name, including @domain in the User-ID box. If you are using a lookup server then use the same User-ID as the user's CanIt login on this server.
  4. Fill in the Realm, E-Mail, the two Password boxes, and set Write Access? to Yes but leave Has Root Access? as No. If you are using a user lookup for authentication then set Locked Password? to Yes, otherwise leave it as No. (For AD/LDAP, POP3 or IMAP users this will allow them to use their password from that system to login.) Submit Changes
  5. Now go (back) into the Administration->Users page and click on the User-ID of the "new" user. Now click the Edit Accessible Streams button at the bottom. Enter the stream of the user or distribution group you want to add access to and click Add Stream.
  6. Repeat 5) for all stream you wish to give them access to.

When the user logs into CanIt they will have a Change Streams link on the upper right which will allow them to change to any of their accessible streams.