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Your new spam filtering service

Legitimate mail which passes through the spam filter will be delivered to your INBOX as normal with no delay. Messages which appear to be spam will be held in your quarantine.

The system will send you an email ("pending messages") if there are any new messages in your quarantine. By default these messages are generated at 15h00, Mon-Fri. If you have nothing in your quarantine, or no new items have arrived since your last notification, you will not receive a notification email.

The quarantine exists so that you have the opportunity to release any message the service mistakenly identifies as spam. Your notification email will list the new items in your quarantine sorted by time with the most recent ones first.

There are action links for each item. Use the "Accept" link to release a trapped message to your INBOX. Messages will automatically be removed from your quarantine after 21 days. The "Reject" link helps train the filtering system and removes an item from your spam trap immediately.


The "Whitelist Sender" link will release a trapped message to your INBOX and will add the sender to your whitelist (a.k.a. "approved senders" list) at the same time.


If you are expecting a message and wish to check your quarantine immediately rather than wait for your next notification, you may do so by logging into the web interface.

At the bottom of every notification email there is a link which takes you to the log-in page for the web interface. Log in using your email address and your password.

When you log in you will see a list of all items in your quarantine. Each has a drop-down that behaves similarly to the action links in the notification.

Additionally, a field at the top of the page allows you to manually enter any email address or domain to whitelist or blacklist it.

If you mistakenly whitelisted or blacklisted and wish to correct it, you can do this from Rules : Senders (or Rules : Domains if it was a domain).