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  • ...however not help with changing streams, but that is only a concern for the admin users themselves. ...e boxes because they have been hidden by theme customizations made by your admin. This is sometimes done because customizations are specific to the base the
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  • If you are on Hosted CanIt you need to request outbound filtering as an administrator from [ ...their own Secure Messaging Settings, the permissions must be granted from Administration→Permissions page.
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  • - Create a user All done! New admin credentials are:
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  • #As the Site Admin, add the Realm under Setup -> Realms
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  • # For all effected users, using Administration->Users mark them for delete and Submit Change. You now need to re- # Navigate to Base realm. Do Administration->Show Active Streams. Use the list to delete any streams no longer
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  • and of course appropriate rate limit settings (see the admin guide).
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  • <li>As an admin in the webui go to Preferences->Notification. (To effect all streams in a r
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  • admin or knowledgeable users to still vote the message if required.
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  • In addition you should set appropriate rate limit settings (see the Admin Guide). Hosted CanIt uses:
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  • ...ess for each user to their old stream. It is often easier to just have the admin manage these messages. If Preferences->Quarantine Settings->S-3200 is set t
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  • ...n type of list they are on as well as the individual preferences of domain administrators. ...reflect it's status at the time a message comes in. For CanIt admins, the Administration->Search Logs tool will allow you to find out more information an w
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  • ...provide in either case is the MX records that are given to you in the O365 admin portal. These usually look something like: numbers are provided from My Domains->My Provisioning (Hosted CanIt) or Administration->Provisioning (on-site installation). The numbers will not appear
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  • ...can't find something as described but think that you need it, consult your administrator; there may be a reason that you don't have it ...f the trapped messages (except those that have already been resolved; only admins can re-open incidents by default). From Home or Quarantine you will need t
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  • ...a guide on how to do this consult [[Guidelines to Outbound Settings]]. The Administration Guide explains what all the checkmarks do in detail. ...tep. (the field for changing streams is at the top of every page, for the admin. user).
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  • *- In the webui, as an administrator navigate to the realm that will contain the new domain. ...age. If you created a new subrealm, we will also provide you with a set of admin credentials that you can provide to a trusted user within the domain, if yo
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  • ...nd [[Google Apps]]. On-site Exchange can be restricted within the Exchange admin console, similar to Office 365, by creating "Connector" restrictions, or by
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  • ...most important rules that CanIt cares about are the ones that you or your administrator apply directly to your stream. If you create a rule here that is di ...efault rules for your Realm. These are rules that your administrator or an administrator higher up the inheritance tree has set up to apply to everyone with
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  • ...can't find something as described but think that you need it, consult your administrator; there may be a reason that you don't have it. ...ually result in each email address having a unique stream name unless your administrator has it configured otherwise. This name is essentially your "Account
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  • it can be search, but not released by end-users (but can be released by admins). Greater than or equal to S-200 will result in it being automatically dis
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