Set Notification Email

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To change the email address for the recipient of notification:

  • - In the webui navigate to the realm and stream of the user. (If you want to reset for realm use default stream.)
  • - Go to Preferences->Notification.
  • - Set the desired email in the "E-mail address for notification of pending messages:" box.

There are two cases where settings in the default stream are not inherited by lower level streams or sub-realms. One is the Preferences->Preferences page settings which are associated with the currently logged in user and the other is the "E-mail address for notification of pending messages: " value on the Preferences->Notifications page.

You need to either manual enter the email address in the stream you want to receive notifications. Alternately if you want the system to "Automatically populate pending notification addresses:" set this to Yes on the Preferences->Notifications page and this will apply to all streams in the realm.