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Can I get unique UIDs on remind entries for syncing with external applications

Apparently the -y switch introduced recently will generate (pseudo-)Unique UIDs. (From information on the remind-fans mailing list)

Is there an application that converts iCal entries to Remind format?

You can use this iCal to Remind script. The recommended way to use this script is to include a secondary file in ~/.reminders:

INCLUDE /your/home/directory/.ical2rem

Then you can use cron to build the included file periodically, with a cron table entry like this:

0-59/15 * * * * local/bin/ > ~/.ical2rem

This is a good way to also get reminders from your Google calendar when you are off-line and without a browser open. Here is a quick outline of the necessary steps:

  • get your iCal file address, in google calendar this is done through the manage calendars page.
  • use wget within a cron job to download that calendar on a regular basis. put them in a folder names /here/are/my/calendars
  • use the file above just change the $cal_dir into your /here/are/my/calendars folder.

by regularly downloading your web based iCal you'll be able to get reminders even when off-line.

Is there an application that converts Remind events to iCal format?

Have a look at the rem2ics script.

See also the script, which takes the output items of Remind's rem -q command and converts it to iCal to-do items.