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In the tradition of many great Unix utilities, Remind is designed to interoperate easily with other programs. This page lists a number of programs (and program configurations) that work particularly well with Remind.

Cron, Mail, and Pipes

How would you like to see an updated reminder calendar in your email every morning? Set up a cron job to go off just before you would normally first sit down at your computer. The cron command would be something along the lines of:

rem -c+1 | mail

Which produces a nice plaintext weekly calendar with all your reminders for your inbox.


  • Wyrd is a popular text-based frontend for Remind.
  • wxRemind is similar to Wyrd but based on wxPython rather than curses.

Calendar Import/Export Utilities

iCal2Rem - an iCal / IcS to Remind converter.

rem2ics is a script that converts Remind events to iCal format.

out2rem is a script to scrape your Microsoft Outlook appointments into Remind-compatible lines. Use as indicated for ical2remind above. This version 0.0.1 was not written with reference to the ical2rem script, so there is probably some worth in comparing the code and harmonizing features. Tested only with Outlook 2003 so far (please note if you test with other versions).



Add the following lines in your .emacs

;; ;; To include .reminders as a shell mode 
  (setq auto-mode-alist
        (cons '(".reminders$" . shell-script-mode) auto-mode-alist))

(add-hook 'sh-mode-hook
     (lambda ()
       (auto-fill-mode nil)))


There is a vim syntax file available for Remind:

Other snippets are useful as well but these will depend on your use case.