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A script to convert from the iCal / ICS format the format used by Remind. It converts the calendar entries as well as the To Do items. It uses the Due Date as the Remind date, or the current date if there's no Due date.

A Subversion repository will be available soon for "official" versions. Version 0.5.1, as of 2007-03-23, is available at the author's site.

Example uses:

cat /path/to/my/other_file.ics | ical2rem.pl >~/.ical2rem

Or process a remote file, such as one from Google calendar:

wget -q -O- http://path.com/to/my/google.ics | ical2rem.pl --label "Gcal" >~/.ical2rem

You may wish to make a cron entry to automate this:

0-59/15 * * * *  cat /path/to/my/other_file.ics | ical2rem.pl >~/.ical2rem
In the ~/.reminders file, include the new file:
INCLUDE ./.ical2rem


Download the script from The Author's Site which should be placed in a "bin" directory in your executable path. /usr/local/bin/ or ~/bin are good candidates. You may need to install some Perl modules first. Try cpan -i iCal::Parser DateTime as root. If that doesn't work, consult general documentation for installing Perl modules.


The code for ical2rem.pl has now been released under the GPL.


The code was originally created by Justin B. Alcorn, inspired by a message thread on the 43Folders board discussing conversion scripts written in Applescript. Please consider leaving a comment for the author


The code is in active maintenance. Get it from The Author's Site