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These are some standard German holidays in remind format, add them as an include in your .reminders file.

SET SaveTrig $NumTrig
REM [TRIGGER(easter-46)] MSG %"Aschermittwoch (Stille Tage)%"
REM [TRIGGER(easter-7)] MSG %"Palmsontag%"
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter-3)] MSG %"Gründonnerstag (Stille Tage)%"
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter-2)] MSG %"Karfreitag (Stille Tage)%"
REM [TRIGGER(easter-1)] MSG %"Karsamstag (Stille Tage)%"
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter)] MSG %"Ostern (Stille Tage)%"
REM [TRIGGER(easter+1)] MSG %"Ostermontag%"
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter+39)] MSG %"Christi Himmelfahrt%"
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter+49)] MSG %"Pfingsten (Stille Tage)%"
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter+50)] MSG %"Pfingstmontag%"
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter+60)] MSG %"Fronleichnam%"

# Some holidays are omitted, some are not.  You may want to change
# which ones are omitted - use the general forms shown below.
# You'll need the _back() function and the Week_n variables defined
# way up in the file.

OMIT     Jan  1   MSG %"Neu Jahr's%" Tag
REM      Jan  6   MSG %"Heilige Drei Könige%"
REM      Feb 14   MSG %"Valentine's%" Day
REM      Apr  1   MSG %"April Fool's%" Day
OMIT     May  1   MSG %"Tag der Arbeit%"
OMIT     Oct  3   MSG %"Tag der Deutschen Einheit%"
REM      Oct 31   MSG %"Reformationstag%"
REM      Nov  1   MSG %"Allerheiligen (Stille Tage)%"
REM      Dec 24   MSG %"Heilig Abend (Stille Tage)%"
OMIT     Dec 25   MSG %"1. Weihnachtstag%"
OMIT     Dec 26   MSG %"2. Weihnachtstag%"
REM  Wed Nov 23 --7 MSG %"Buß- und Bettag%"
REM  Sun Dec 24 --42 MSG %"Volkstrauertag (Stille Tage)%"
REM  Sun Dec 24 --35 MSG %"Totensonntag (Stille Tage)%"

REM Sun Dec 24 --28 MSG 1. Advent
REM Sun Dec 24 --21 MSG 2. Advent
REM Sun Dec 24 --14 MSG 3. Advent
REM SUN Dec 24 --7 MSG 4. Advent

if $NumTrig > SaveTrig