Communication Port Usage

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TCP ports used by CanIT: DNS requires the server to do outbound port 53 (TCP and UDP), while NTP requires the server to do outbound port 123 (TCP and UDP). If you have made firewall changes, there may be additional services that you should adjust the firewall for. Here's more information:

Communication with external servers:

  inbound port 25		mail
  inbound port 22		SSH administration, intra-cluster comms
  outbound port 53		DNS lookups
  outbound port 80		HTTP
  outbound port 443		Clam virus sigs, RPTN, s/w updates
  outbound port 123 UDP	Network Time Protocol
  outbound port 6568 UDP	Reputation submission

Communication with internal servers:

  *in/out port 5432		Intra-cluster database traffic
  *in/out port 6568		Intra-cluster storage manager traffic
  *outbound port 389		LDAP lookups
  *outbound port 636		LDAPS lookups
  *outbound port 110/995	POP3/POP3S lookups
  *outbound port 143/993	IMAP/IMAPS lookups
  outbound port 25		Verification server, mail delivery

Those marked with an asterisk may or may not be used depending on your configuration.