Cluster Migration

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This is the procedure:

1) Upgrade your existing cluster to the latest version of CanIt. This is required so the version matches that of our ISO image.

2) Build a new machine with the ISO image.

3) Transfer the database over from the old to the new machine. This will involve downtime; it involved doing a pg_dump on the old machine and restoring on the new machine, as specified in the Administration Guide.

4) Point all your existing cluster members to the new DB.

5) Make a second machine with the ISO and join it to the new DB.

6) Make the second machine a read/write Storage Manager node and make canIt storage a read-only node. Wait 30-60 days until there's no more relevant data left on CanIt storage; at that point, you can decommission it by first re-running the Storage Manager wizard and removing it, then removing it from the Cluster Members table.

7) At your leisure,remove the old machines from the cluster.