Advantage of Appliance

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The advantages of using a CanIt appliance:

  1. Much easier to maintain: Upgrade it to the latest version with a single command: 'upgrade-canit-appliance'. This covers the OS and related software as well as CanIt.
  2. Much easier to install and configure: Just about all the tweaking and configuration that you have to do for the other install options (PostgreSQL, Sendmail, Apache, etc.) are already done for you. Much easier, and much less chance of missing something important.
  3. Greater support: On all the other platforms we support CanIt but support for related software (PostgreSQL, Sendmail, Apache, Perl, etc.) and support for the OS are limited, compared to the appliance build.
  4. There are a few extra functions that are only available in the appliance build, such as Domain Routing, the ability for CanIt to configure Sendmail's mailertable/access files (across cluster members, too) as needed, and the ability to use the Archiver add-on product.
  5. Also, you'll be able to use the Log Indexing and Searching component as well. This feature (included with CanIt) lets you search the mail logs via the web interface and it provides analysis as well. It is very useful for finding out what happened to mail that people may report as having not been received, etc.