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These are the standard South Australian public holidays in remind format, add them as an include in your .reminders file. See here for more information

Some notes:

  • These are the South Australian public holidays, some are common to the rest of Australia, others are not.
  • The Holiday date definitions are taken from here.
  • They are all OMITs.
  • You will also need defs.rem from the remind distribution in order to use this file.
# South Australian public holidays.
# Taken from:

OMIT 01 Jan MSG New Year's Day

# Jan 26 if it's a weekday, or the next Monday
REM  Mon Jan 26 SCANFROM [_back(7)] SATISFY 1
      OMIT [_trig()] MSG Australia Day

# 2nd monday in march
REM  Mon Mar [Week_2] SCANFROM [_back(7)] SATISFY 1
      OMIT [_trig()] MSG Adelaide Cup Day

# Easter
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter-2)] MSG Good Friday
REM [TRIGGER(easter)] MSG Easter Sunday
OMIT [TRIGGER(easter+1)] MSG Easter Monday


# 2nd monday in june
REM  Mon Jun [Week_2] SCANFROM [_back(7)] SATISFY 1
      OMIT [_trig()] MSG Queen's Birthday

# 1st monday in october
REM  Mon Oct [Week_1] SCANFROM [_back(7)] SATISFY 1
      OMIT [_trig()] MSG Labour Day

OMIT 25 Dec MSG Christmas Day

# 1st weekday after Christmas
REM  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Dec 26 SCANFROM [_back(7)] SATISFY 1
      OMIT [_trig()] MSG Proclamation Day