Support Guidelines

In order for Roaring Penguin to help you with support questions as efficiently as possible, please familiarize yourself with these guidelines. Following them will make resolving your support question quicker and easier.

Before Contacting Support

Please have the following information available for our support personnel:

  • The version of CanIt-PRO or CanIt-Domain-PRO you are running. You can find the version number at the bottom of all pages in the Web Interface.
  • Whether or not you are running a single server or a cluster.
  • The operating system and version that CanIt is running on. Typical answers:
    • "Appliance" or "Appliance Build"
    • "Non-appliance Debian packages on Debian Etch"
    • "Fedora 9 Packages"
    • "Source install on Slackware 10"
  • If you wish to allow us to SSH into your CanIt machine, the name or IP address of the machine. Please ensure that your firewall rules permit connection from our IP address We are able to troubleshoot and resolve issues very quickly if we have SSH access to your system. We will never SSH to your system without your permission. For best security:
    • Install our secure SSH key.
    • Keep a rule in your firewall allowing SSH access (Inbound TCP port 22). The two IP addresses that should be allowed are:

    How to Contact Support

    • Via e-mail at We are able to handle most requests far more efficiently and quickly by email than over the phone. If you e-mail us, please do not simply say "Please call me"; our support personnel do not generally make outbound support calls.
    • By telephone at 1-613-231-6599 ext. 3. Please call support for urgent situations e.g. mail not flowing, crashed server, etc. For non-urgent situations please contact us by email.

    Office Hours: 08:30 - 17:00 Eastern Time

    Support for urgent situations is available outside of office hours until 21:00 Eastern Time. Include "URGENT" in your email subject. Our telephone system will guide you through paging the on-call support staff if you call our support line.

    After hours support is limited to urgent situations. Our on-call support staff may answer non-urgent emails or may triage / defer them until the next business day.

    24x7 Premium Support is also available; please e-mail for details.

    Sending us Information

    If you are sending us sample messages:

    • Please send us the full message, including all internet headers. We cannot perform much analysis of potential problems without full headers. If you do not know how to obtain full headers, this search will probably provide the answer.
    • Please send us the original message, if possible. Seeing the message exactly as CanIt processed it is important for troubleshooting.
    • Please send messages as plain-text.
    • Do not send us sample messages as Microsoft Office documents, screenshots, HTML or other non-plaintext formats.

    If you are reporting error messages:

    • Please send the exact error text. Cut-and-paste the error message into your plain-text e-mail, or simply retype it exactly.
    • Do not send us bitmaps, images or screenshots unless it is strictly necessary to illustrate the problem—for example, a display problem in the web interface or notification messages.
    • If a graphic is necessary to illustrate your problem, please send your screenshots in GIF, PNG, or JPEG format. Do not send PDF, BMP, or Microsoft Office images.

    For other requests, please include as much information as you can (incident IDs, excerpts from the mail logs, specific senders and recipients, etc.)