With the CanItâ„¢-PRO anti-spam software solution, educational institutions can filter e-mail for spam and viruses before they reach the mail server. Campus administrators configure CanIt-PRO centrally then push those features out to students, faculty and staff, who enroll via a web interface.

Users who prefer to "set and forget" anti-spam programs can choose their filtering level through a simple user interface and never worry about it again. You can also provide power-users with an advanced CanIt-PRO interface for the maintenance of whitelists, blacklists, custom rules, scoring thresholds and per-user spam quarantines. CanIt-PRO can also be used to filter spam from outbound mail, helping campuses protect their domain reputations.

CanIt-PRO software offers a fast, flexible and scalable architecture for any e-mail environment. It is deployed in organizations of one to 100,000+ users, and in college, university and K-12 environments throughout North America.

Large educational institutions can benefit from CanIt-Domain-PRO spam blocking software, which lets e-mail administrators delegate control to different departments or faculties. Although spam-scanning is still centralized, each department can manage its own default filtering policy, mail routing, and authentication.