Block Spam at the Network Gateway

With Roaring Penguin Software's CanIt™ anti spam software, enterprises can return e-mail to a useful communication tool and win back employee productivity. CanIt™ anti-spam solutions eliminate annoying, offensive and malicious e-mails and viruses from the enterprise, while never losing a valid e-mail.

All of Roaring Penguin Software's spam blockers use advanced spam filtering to block spam at the gateway before it ever reaches your users. Because it is a gateway system there is no need to install anything on client desktops. All of Roaring Penguin's anti-spam blockers feature:

  • Leading edge spam filtering techniques
  • Individual quarantines for each mailbox
  • Filter for SMTP, POP & IMAP
  • Automatic updates of the software and rule sets
  • RPTN: Shared Bayesian database
  • CanIt Reputation: Real time IP Reputation database

Roaring Penguin has a family of three spam blocking software products, each designed to meet the needs of you and your clients. Hosted CanIt, CanIt-PRO and CanIt-Domain-PRO are among the leading spam email blockers in the industry.

Hosted CanIt a completely outsourced spam solutionHosted CanIt is designed for small to medium corporations who want to outsource spam blocking completely. Hosted CanIt automatically protects your e-mail from junk without the need to install anything on your network.

CanIt-PRO a corporate spam blockerCanIt-PRO is a corporate spam blocker designed for medium and larger enterprises such as ISPs and Universities.

CanIt-Domain-PRO anti spam software for companies that have to manage multiple domainsCanIt-Domain-PRO is a spam mail blocker designed for MSPs and others who need to block spam for multiple clients / domains.

Junk mail is not just a harmless nuisance. It is the vector used to bring viruses onto your network and your clients desktops. In a worse case scenario it can take over your computers and use them to send spam to other computers.

Defense in Depth

CanIt Reputation

Roaring Penguin Software uses our proprietary CanIt Reputation filters to create a powerful outer layer of spam defense. The CanIt Reputation Filters stop a significant percentage of incoming spam at the connection level. This feature comes without using significant processing power or wasting any time in inspecting the actual contents of the spam.

The Roaring Penguin Training Network

The Roaring Penguin Training Network (RPTN) is a shared Bayesian database. Aggregated Bayesian data is collected from a worldwide network of ISPs and Universities and made available to CanIt installations. CanIt installations can choose to automatically download the aggregated Bayes statistics or to download them manually.

Deep E-mail Inspection

Eventually you just have to open up the lid and take a look inside. E-mail content inspection features Heuristic content filtering rules. We have over 98% + accuracy and a low false positive rate in identifying spam.

System Administrators can set user and group specific policies. Administrators can easily configure the solution at a global level.

The Roaring Penguin Spam Quarantine gives end users web based access to check and manage email messages. The system can be set up to send email digests to end-users periodically.

All of the CanIt™ spam filters can stop spam from reaching e-mail transfer agents such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, Sendmail, Postfix and many more.


All of the CanIt solutions eliminate a broad range of Email Threats. Whether it is spam,viruses, phishing, or zombie attacks, Roaring Penguin's anti-spam solutions will identify malicious content and keep it off your network.

Automatic, timely, and highly secure rule updates eliminate the need for ongoing manual tuning and maintenance to catch emerging threats. The Roaring Penguin update service helps ensure that all CanIt users are running the most up-to-date rules and using the most up-to-date software engine.System Administrators can choose to automatically download the updates and upgrades or to download them manually.

Comprehensive reporting gives administrators a powerful tool to take to managers and users to show the effectiveness of the CanIt family of anti spam solutions.

Fast, Accurate Detection. Over 98 % + accuracy with low false positives.


All of the CanIt™ corporate spam filters can stop spam from reaching e-mail transfer agents such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, Sendmail, Postfix and many more.

CanIt™ anti-spam solutions offer the flexibility to optionally filter internal e-mail and outbound e-mail, helping you to enforce communication policies.

Enterprises need a flexible, reliable anti-spam product that fits into their existing infrastructure with a minimum of disruption. All of the CanIt™ solutions can be deployed as an SMTP-in, SMTP-out scanner that can work with any mail server. They easily integrate with LDAP, Active Directory or any other authentication mechanism, and allows administrators very fine-grained control over which features users are permitted to use.Depending upon your needs, Hosted CanIt, CanIt-PRO or CanIt-Domain-PRO will be the perfect solution for your enterprise, granting you complete control over your e-mail filtering.