Spam Solutions For Educational Institutions

CanIt-PRO is the perfect anti-spam protection for educational institutions. Students, staff and faculty demand an effective anti-spam filter that puts them in control. With CanIt-PRO, your e-mail customers can configure the spam filtering exactly to their liking, without worrying that someone else is imposing policy on them.

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Corporate Spam Filters

Corporations need a flexible, reliable anti-spam product that fits into their existing infrastructure with a minimum of disruption. CanIt-PRO spam scanners can work with any mail server. It easily integrates with LDAP, Active Directory or any other authentication mechanism, and allows administrators very fine-grained control over which features users are permitted to use. CanIt-PRO is the perfect email spam blocker for your enterprise, granting you complete control over your e-mail.

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Email Filters For Hosting Providers

Hosting Providers need spam email filters that scale with their business and requires minimal administration. Spam blocking software CanIt-Domain-PRO is designed specifically for the hosting industry, and lets hosting providers give control over spam to their customers. Domain administrators can set up mail routing, control authentication, and set their own spam-scanning policies.

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Anti-Spam Software Solution For Internet Service Providers

CanIt-Pro Anti-Spam for ISPs is spam blocking software developed to meet the specific needs of Internet Service Providers, and the challenge of scanning mail in one of the toughest environments for scanning e-mail on the Internet. CanIt-Pro is a spam blocking program capable of handling the traffic in environments where the e-mail always has to get through and where the volume requirements would swamp a normal enterprise anti-spam solution.

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Spam Email Filters For Small/Medium Business

Small and Medium businesses face the same spam scanning challenges that larger enterprises do. Our Hosted-CanIt anti-spam service and our CanIt-PRO "soft-appliance" are ideal for small to medium businesses. Both products are simple to set up and neither product requires extensive Linux knowledge. Both products sit if front of your mail server. Neither Hosted-CanIt nor CanIt-PRO requires you to make any changes to your existing mail server.

Mail Archiving Solutions For Small/Medium Business

Small and Medium businesses have slightly different e-mail archiving requirements than their larger enterprise competitors do. They are less likely to face the regulatory requirements of larger enterprises but e-mail continuity is a vital issue for SMBs. Access to e-mail even while the coporate e-mail server is down can be a life saver. Flexibility in terms of setting the retention period for e-mail is also much more important for small business. Roaring Penguin's Hosted-CanIt Archiver e-mail archiving service and our CanIt Archiver e-mail archiving software are ideal for small to medium businesses. Both products are integrated with our CanIt line of e-mail filtering software and services.