White Papers

Demystifying the Anti-Spam Buzz

This paper demystifies the anti-spam market and its various choices and buzzwords to help you cut through the hype and focus on the basics: determining what features you need, whether a solution you are considering includes them, and to what degree. It also defines the key elements that an anti-spam solution should have.

Email 101

Email 101 provides a brief introduction to how Internet email works. It also explains how to analyze the headers in an email to determine its path over the Internet.

Email Archiving and Continuity

This white paper describes the issues to consider when picking an email archiving solution. It also discusses the email continuity feature provided by CanIt Archiver.

Fighting Spam in an ISP Environment

The paper provides comprehensive best-practices for spam management in an ISP
environment, including guidelines for evaluation, roll out and deployment of an anti-spam solution. Roaring Penguin has developed these best practices through extensive work with ISPs in resolving their spam challenges.

The Roaring Penguin Training Network

This white paper describes the Roaring Penguin Training Network (RPTN), a mechanism for sharing Bayes votes among multiple CanIt installations.