Technical Videos

Technical videos include tutorials, HOWTOs, demonstrations and more.

Before you Deploy CanIt

  • Preparing to Deploy CanIt
    This video offers advice on best-practices for deploying CanIt. You should watch it before you run production mail through CanIt.

ISO Installation

  • Installing the CanIt ISO
    This video walks you through the steps of installing CanIt on an Intel-architecture server using our ISO image.
  • Remote Installation of the CanIt ISO
    This video shows you how to begin installing CanIt from our ISO image in such a way as to allow Roaring Penguin support personnel to finish the installation remotely. If you require advanced options such as Software RAID and would like Roaring Penguin to install on your behalf, follow the instructions in this video.

Recipient Verification Series


  • Provisioning Realms
    This video describes provisioning domains in realms for our Hosted CanIt solution.


  • DKIM-Signing (Abridged)
    This abridged video describes how to have Hosted CanIt add a DKIM signature to your outbound mail to improve deliverability.
  • DKIM-Signing (Full)
    This video includes additional details about DKIM-signing outbound mail, including additional steps needed for on-premise CanIt installations.
  • DKIM 101 (Abridged)
    This video describes DKIM and its uses in CanIt.
  • DKIM 101 (Full)
    This video includes additional details about the DKIM-Signature header, the DNS record, hash-sums and signatures and the difference between encrypted and signed data.

Hosted CanIt

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