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Roaring Penguin Software's hosted spam filtering service
Hosted CanIt

Outsourced Anti-Spam Protection for Small and Medium Business

Hosted CanIt® automatically protects email from Spam. Ads, fraud schemes, porn, viruses, phishing attempts... if it's junk e-mail, Roaring Penguin's Hosted CanIt will stop it before it reaches your mail server without the need for installing any software or hardware. Our cloud based managed email filtering service is great for small organizations without an IT staff. Let our technical experts do the work, and start benefiting from the best email protection you can get.

30 Day Free Trial

Trying the Hosted CanIt anti spam service is as simple as pointing your MX Record at Hosted CanIt and watching your spam disappear.

Offering per ­user or per­ group anti­-spam settings and quarantines, an intuitive simple end­user interface, graphical reporting tools and automatic updates, Hosted CanIt makes it simple to block spam without requiring the installation of software or hardware or placing a complex administration burden on your system administration team.

You want to focus on your business – not on filtering spam. Our goal was to develop a hosted spam solution that was customizable, yet easy to setup and maintain, and one that would fit a small company budget. With Hosted CanIt, small organizations can now enjoy anti spam protection and options previously only available to large enterprises. Hosted CanIt is a hosted anti spam service (cloud computing) run by Roaring Penguin Software. You point your MX Record at the Hosted CanIt server and your spam problems disappear.

Your system admin team can manage the system via our web-based administrative console. Updates are automatic, freeing your team from day-to-day spam management, so they can focus on the strategic projects that drive your business forward.

Works with Microsoft Office 365™

Hosted CanIt is the perfect complement to Microsoft Office 365. For more information, see our Hosted CanIt / Office 365 page.

Spooling of messages if your email servers are unavailable

Hosted CanIt automatically queues all incoming mail for up to five days until the server comes back on line, at which point all queued mail is delivered.

Advanced Spam and Virus Protection

Hosted CanIt detects 98 % + of spam with a low false positive rate. Valid messages get through, the junk gets blocked. Hosted CanIt uses a variety of techniques including keyword search, header analysis, message format analysis, Bayesian statistical analysis, blacklists, whitelists, greylists, open proxy lists, DNS verification, SpamAssassin™ content-filtering rules, sender policy framework (SPF), custom rules and more. Roaring Penguin Software is a leader in e-mail filtering. Anti-spam is our only product line and we have been focused on fighting spam since 2002.

Perimeter Defense

Hosted CanIt removes the threat of denial of service and directory harvest attacks on your email server. Prevent the bad guys from wasting your time and your bandwidth using our hosted anti spam solution.

End User Controls

A simple to use, web based system allows you to have as much or as little control over filtering spam as you like. From a simple “just make it all go away” to “I have to have control over every feature,” Hosted CanIt has the right level of control over spam for everyone. Our web based user interface lets users easily set their filter policies and review their spam quarantine. In addition, every user receives a customizable spam quarantine report by e-mail .

Outbound Filtering: A Valuable Optional Extra

Outbound filtering is available to stop outbound viruses, prevent your customers from ending up on block-lists, and to detect compromised machines and accounts on your customers' networks.

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Hosted Canit is a completely outsourced hosted spam filtering service. With no Hardware and no Software to install, life couldn't be simpler. Get started today on Hosted CanIt by filling in this short form.