CanIt Products for SMBs

SMBs need easy-to-set-up spam filters that just work. Our Hosted CanIt and CanIt-PRO products are perfect.

If you are looking for a cloud solution, Hosted CanIt lets you get set up within a few minutes. Once your domain is set up, Roaring Penguin takes care of managing servers, updating rules and ensuring service continuity so you can concentrate on your core business.

If you have occasional mail server outages, Hosted CanIt's business continuity feature lets you read and respond to inbound mail, even while your mail server is down.

If you prefer an on-premise solution to a cloud solution, CanIt-PRO comes as an easy-to-install ISO image that turns any standard Intel server into a spam-filtering appliance with all the software configured optimally and ready to go. A simple web-based interface for daily interaction as well as administration means you can leave your appliance running in a corner and mostly forget it's there.

Our archiving and secure-messaging add-ons provide valuable tools for businesses, especially those in regulated sectors such as financial services or health care.

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