CanIt Products for ISPs

ISPs have unique requirements for spam filtering and our CanIt products can meet those requirements admirably.

As an ISP, you probably run your business on very small margins, so you need a cost-effective solution that's easy to support. CanIt's competitive pricing and stability and flexibility are ideal for ISPs.

As an ISP, you need to be able to resolve client issues quickly to avoid long support tickets. The CanIt log-searching and audit trail features help you zoom in on the cause of a problem quickly and efficiently. They provide transparency into the flow of mail and an audit trail of any changes made by your customers.

You need to be able to support many customers with a minimum of fuss. Our Hosted CanIt and CanIt-Domain-PRO products feature a hierarchical arrangement of customer accounts, allowing you to quickly organize and manage multiple clients without any danger of information leakage from one client to another.

ISPs typically deal with hostile email environments: Very large volumes of mail and a large volume of spam and malware. CanIt can be clustered to scale up to very large volumes; our license permits you to run CanIt-Domain-PRO on as many machines as you like without any increase in cost. And if you prefer a cloud-based solution, our Hosted CanIt infrastructure is world-class and scalable.

You need to be able to on-board customers easily. Our Hosted CanIt product features a simple web form for adding new domains. And CanIt-Domain-PRO has a full-featured REST-based API for provisioning as well as configuring client accounts.

You need to keep your brand in front of your customers. Our built-in theme customization feature lets you style CanIt with your corporate colors and logos so your brand is not diluted.

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