CanIt Products for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions require cost-effective and flexible spam-filtering solutions. Our CanIt-PRO and CanIt-Domain-PRO products fit the bill.

System administrators at educational institutions often have a very large work-load and need all the assistance they can get to make their jobs easier. The CanIt log-searchingand audit trail features help you zoom in on the cause of a problem quickly and efficiently. They provide transparency into the flow of mail and an audit trail of any changes made by students or staff.

Educational institutions have many users at widely-differing levels of knowledge and sophistication. CanIt's streaming mechanism lets you give power users full control over their settings and quarantines while limiting what less knowledgeable users can do.

Educational institutions typically have a wide variety of operating systems and mail servers. CanIt's adherence to IETF standards and its ability to integrate with any standard LDAP, POP3 or IMAP server make fitting CanIt into an educational institution very simple.

Educational institutions often have complicated legacy mail policies, aliases, etc. The flexibility of CanIt means that it can adapt to your environment rather than forcing your environment to adapt to the spam filter.

For large institutions or for providers of email filtering to multiple member institutions, CanIt-Domain-PRO's realm feature lets a single CanIt installation handle spam filtering for different departments or institutions in isolated containers, with the ability to delegate administrative control to different administrators.

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